Women Empowerment

When we start our journey in 2010, We did not know how far we would get. But we began with a single-minded goal, To spread ad many smiles as possible along our way. We thought that sending children to school and giving them education, Could solve all problems.


We brought the children to school, but many of them started dropping out. Their parents were sick. Getting a single meal a day was more important than reading books. They had to earn and help the family survive. We realized that, Behind every school going child must stand, A healthy and empowered mother. An aware and financially secure family.

  • Empowering women to become decision-makers in all facets of societal livingpowering
  • Promoting a health-seeking behaviour in women to build a stronger societywomen to
  • Ensuring a dignified life for adolescent girls by supporting their education become
  • Making Males instrumental in the process of empowering womendecision-makers in
  • Creating Change Agents and Peer Educators to sustain the change in the communities
  • Counselling couples on the need and measures of family planning
  • Mobilizing the community to create an environment conducive for women and girls to reach their maximum potential
  • Providing healthcare services at the doorsteps of underprivileged women
  • Sensitizing youth and privileged society on women empowerment through widespread campaigns
  • Providing Life Skills education for holistic development of women and young girls